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_exhibitions work

sorry for the inconvenience // sound & visual installation at the FYI Talent Program artists group show // 01 ~ 03-12-2023 // Amsterdam
sound jams: sounds at the exposure // sound & visual installation & sessions at S.Å.T.E. exhibition @SIGN project space // 02-11-2023 ~ 02-12-2023 // Groningen

_my projects

_sound jams

Sound Jams done after graduation, as I intend to continue this research:

sound jams: sounds at the exposure // sound installation & sessions at S.Å.T.E. exhibition @SIGN project space // 02-11-2023 ~ 02-12-2023 // Groningen
sound jams: infomercials from the future // sound jam with collective audiozine making @Zine Camp // 05-11-2023 // worm, Rotterdam

Sound Jams done during my master's research and project at xpub:

sound jams master's research // detailed information about my master's project and how sound jams had started
Sound jams intro // sound jams introduction (made for xpub grad project proposal assessment, 12-2022)
Sound jams documentation // sound jams brief documentation (first attempt to document them, 2022)
Sound jams glossary // sound jams glossary (terminology used in the research, 2022-2023)
sound jams // to be developed - a place for all the sound jams, previous and future

_sound jams' dedicated pages

sound jams: reversed words // 3~4-2023 // open online call
sound jams: resister at worm // 12-2-2023 // worm, Rotterdam
sound jams: transverse atlantis // 16~20-1-2023 // willem de kooning academy, Rotterdam
sound jams: what do books say? // 17-10-2022 // leeszaal, Rotterdam
sound jams: m&m at pzi // 10-10-2022 // piet zwart institute, Rotterdam

_collective work

Protocol of collectiveness // november+ 2023 // collaboration with Léa Cadieux
FYI Talent Program // october-november 2023 // Amsterdam

_visual works

mapping sensations // january 2024+ // digital sketches & acrylic on canvas
alternate maps // december 2023+ // paintings of maps - acrylic on canvas

_experimental works

fragments of a reality // december 2023+ // written work, experiment in progress
rotterdam impressions // december 2021 // digital works & prints

_teaching, facilitation & coordination

Room for sound: sound mapping // 2-8 April 2024 // elective class at the Willem de Kooning Academy // Rotterdam, the Netherlands
room for sound // academic year 2022-2023 // care-taker of Willem de Kooning's inhouse art residency // Rotterdam, the Netherlands


monthly art letter // since November 2021

_my collectives & associations


Nomadways // we are focused on social change through art and we offer kick-ass workshops for artists, educators, and youth workers

_Blob Shop Collective aka xpub3

In collaboration with Grgr and the xpubies 2021-2023.

xpub3: freelance admin // basics of being a freelancer in the Netherlands
▶▶ Blob Shop Collective - website // instagram

_research topics & mediums

Which are the recent topics I've explored through reading, listening, observing and making?

_research basics:
visual code // for my research and annotations, I've made this visual code that I use while keeping info on my digital and paper notes
art scene in NL // since I arrived in the Netherlands, I've started collecting art spaces, events, residencies, academies, collectives and other organisations in the artistic field here

mental health
violence against women

mapping as an artistic tool
sound in research and art practice
visual translation

_documentation of events & workshops

FYI Talent Program // october-november 2023 // Amsterdam
Cyprus at first glance // august-september 2023 // Nicosia + the rest of the island
International Trans★Feminist Digital Depletion Strike // 8-3-2023 // Rotterdam

_exhibition visits log

Museum visits log // a list of museums, art galleries, and other art history places I've visited

Marina Abramović @Stedelijk Museum // 30-3-2024 //Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam [NL]
Cypriot collection @Leventis Gallery // 24-1-2024 // A.G. Leventis Gallery, Nicosia [CY]
Call Me Usha @Sofia Art Gallery // 9-1-2024 // Sofia Art Gallery, Sofia [BG]
REBOOT: Pioneering Digital Art @Het Nieuwe Instituut // 27-10-2023 // Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam [NL]
Liliana Porter Reality Play @Les Abattoirs - From the 1960s to the Present Day // 20-7-2023 // Toulouse [FR]
The Art of Listening @STRP // 15-4-2023 // Eindhoven [NL]
General Idea @Stedelijk // 4-4-2023 // Stedelijk, Amsterdam [NL]
Open Archive 3.0 @Het Nieuwe Instituut // 2-3-2023 // Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam [NL]
Anne Imhof @Stedelijk // 22-12-2022 // Stedelijk, Amsterdam [NL]