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sound jam #5 // reversed words



Hello there! I am glad you are passing by and considering becoming a contributor to this sound publication! Here is what is this all about:

I would like to invite you to take part in a collective sound-based publication making. It's title is [reversed words] and it will collect words that we would like to take back. Caution: yes, it might be a sensitive topic and could bring some painful memories - if you are not in a state to get there, better take care of yourself and come back here later <3

If you, however, are still interested, go on reading.

This invitation is open for anyone. It doesn't matter if you had experience with sound nor if you have an artistic or research practice. Everyone is welcome to participate! :)

This experimental project aims at reflecting on the things that we would like to take back. Things that we said to someone and regretted doing it immediately. Or things that someone told us and hurt us. Here are a few questions as a start - please, think about it and take some notes:

_reverse [my] words

Think about the last time you said something to someone (you love or not), that was hurtful. Did you want to take that back right away, but it was too late? Did you apologise immediately, or you were so shocked of yourself that you kept silent. In what moment did you say that? Why? How did you feel?

Now, write these words down.


_reverse [your] words

Think about the last time someone said something to you that was hurtful. What did they say to you? Do you know why they said it? Did they apologise immediately? Or later? What did they say? How did you feel? How do you feel now?

Now, write these words down.

_what's next?

Let's play with these words now! Let's release them out there and heal ourself from them. Let's acknowledge the lesson learned. And move on. And create something out of it.

Let's let them go! I will reverse them, mix them, change the pitch, distort... i will add ambient sounds and other improvised ideas during the editing process. And you will get the final piece <3 If you trust me for this, go on...

If you want to join this project, you can do (one of these) two things:


_contribute with an audio recording

If you wish to send me an audio recording made by you, that's amazing! You can choose how much you want to edit it yourself, but if don't want to - that also super fine.

Make an audio recording of the words you wrote down (you can say them or sing them, or whisper them...) and send it to me. If you want to edit it yourself, i recommend you use the free software audacity. Just drag your audio recording in the programme, select it all and apply the effect "reverse". It is as easy as that. Then, you click on export and choose .mp3 - that's it!

Send me your piece at aenikolova[at]; or over some of the chats (telegram, whatsapp, viber) if we're in touch there.


_contribute with a short text

Send me in writing the words you wrote down and send it to me at aenikolova[at]; or over some of the chats (telegram, whatsapp, viber) if we're in touch there.

_your gifts

This whole experiment will take the form of an audio publication that I will mix, edit and export. I will add effects and will play a bit with the content, so it's highly possible that your voice will not be recognisable.

You will also get a small gift at the end: besides the sound publication, you will receive a small square digital illustration of your contribution.


This publication is part of my master research on Sound jams - methods to create collective sound-based publications. By participating, you agree that i can use your piece for the project, to edit and publish it. I would also love to give you credits - when sending me the piece, please, let me know if you want to be credited (if yes, how to write down your name) or would rather keep it anonymous. And please, send me the text in English.


Please, send me the pieces before 15-03-2023, end of the day in your time zone. After that i will close the call & will work on finalising the publication.
Send to aenikolova(@) or over any chat we're communicating through. I will send you back an email with the publication when it's ready + your personal illustration <3
I will also add a recent update section on this page with the already edited pieces, so you can have a listen for inspiration. ;-)

Thank you!