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🖤 i was immediately drawn to her minimalistic style and aesthetics; was quite impressed to see such a stylish [to my taste] minimal work from so early, all of her artworks exhibited were pure, clean, monochromatic but included many different media - she is mixing mediums since the 50s in an experimental way by only leaving the essential elements

★ Untitled Shadow, 1969

me taking an ussie with the shadow

🖤 this work caught my attention while passing by it - it looked like it is a shadow indeed and i started looking around to see what casts the shadow. Nothing, it was a drawing on the wall.
_my instant reaction was to take a selfie with the shadows, being a shadow myself - thus, i loved the interactive part of this work, not to mention that it is still interesting and fun today!
_stayed in the room for a while to observe how the other visitors were looking at it - all of them took different photos of themselves interacting with the shadows :)

▶▶ watch a video on how Artist Liliana Porter Creates a Mural of Silhouettes for Boston's Museum of Fine Arts

★ Man Drawing, 2018

Man Drawing, 2018

_as well as all of her minimal drawings on the wall that interact with tiny figures and dolls
_i could have spent the whole day looking at her miniature figures and installations with them, reminding me of my childhood and creating my own worlds with whatever objects i could have found at home...
▶▶ have a look at her Other Situations series here.


Emmett Williams interview

Exhibition introduction:

Liliana Porter (born 1941) is a contemporary artist working in a wide variety of media, including photography, printmaking, painting, drawing, installation, video, theater, and public art. Porter was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1941, but lives and works in New York. In 1964, she moved to New York City, where she co-founded the New York Graphic Workshop with fellow artists Luis Camnitzer and José Guillermo Castillo. In 1974 she was a co-founder and etching instructor at Studio Camnitzer, an artist's residence studio near Lucca, Italy that welcomes artists working in all media. After holding teaching positions at the Porter-Wiener Studio, the Printmaking Workshop, SUNY Purchase and State University of New York at Old Westbury, Porter became a professor at Queens College, City University of New York in 1991 and remained there until 2007.
Les Abattoirs presents the first retrospective in France of the artist Liliana Porter (born in Argentina in 1941, living in New York since 1964). With some one hundred works on display, the exhibition takes the viewer on a voyage through her art. Gathering together past and recent works, it brings to the fore a new generation of female artists who have redefined the boundaries of conceptual art and transformed the poetic form of the installation. Porter explores the potential of various media including print-making, painting, sculpture, photography and video, in a long-term examination into our perception of reality and our notions of time and space.

Curators //
Annabelle Ténèze, Director of Les Abattoirs
Lauriane Gricourt, Curator at Les Abattoirs


▶▶ exhibition website
▶▶ Liliana Porter's website