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★ Alice Wong & Simo Tse

Voices and Breaths is an audiovisual installation based on Snelle Berichten Nederland-China [Quick Messages The Netherlands-China], a Cantonese-language radio programme about Dutch news. During their research Wong and Tse came across a private collection of cassette tapes with recordings made by one of the former radio presenters. The comparison between institutionalised archives and this personal collection provides interesting insights into how stories can be recorded and retold.
sound installation by Alice Wong & Simo Tse

_minimalistic setup with focus on the sound; a sound installation; the only visual were three small screens with transcript
_the transcript helped me to engage with the spoken content
_such a setting requires more time to spend but also makes you engage with the work more
_a bit difficult to engage, but 🖤 when you do you get deep into the story
_loved the way I could see what I was listening to - from which years is the recording - thus, to understand what I was hearing and where does it come from

_broadcasting as an activism - for Chinese community in NL (otherwise, they rarely tend to do activism)

When you are involved in media you need to be aware that you're present in many people's lives. You are in their living rooms.

☁ nowadays also in their bedrooms, toilet, too :D
★ Yiu Fai - lyrics writer from Hong Kong, 1992+ in NL (interview)
☁ what is the role of the archive? Especially before it's reflected upon (разтълкуван); and published?

★ Haunting Futures by Daria Kiseleva

Imagination as a praxis of becoming; video essay

Kiseleva’s video installation examines how, in the archives, imagination is reflected in utopian ideas, political fantasies and carnival celebrations. It traces the ‘haunting’ futures inside the archives and examines their material manifestations in social reality and political and cultural thought. With this, Kiseleva explores the connection between utopian ideas and social movements. The work reflects on the history of imagination from the early modern period until today, and on how power structures have tried to censor and control it.

_video installation
_two big screens; using bnw footage from archives (carnivals in NL, ~1920-1980s)

_how to find imagined futures in the archives?
_"alternative is possible"
_🖤 putting inverted colour effect on footages whilst talking about inversion
_◼️ radical imagination - to bring possible futures in the present; part struggles' importance and history are accounted; capacity yo build solidarity


▶▶ exhibition webpage