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hello, world & welcome! this is Ål Nik :)

Welcome to my documentation & collaboration space. This Wiki is created to give space for keeping a record of my artistic & research practice and to collaborate with fellow artists on projects. Happy to have you here!

p.s. wonder who I am? Hop on here: User:Alnik


One of the reasons I installed this mediawiki on my server, was to have a space to document my work, write about my work, do some reflections on experiments and things that excite me, and share it. Here is an index of AlWiki's pages:

current projects

Some research projects and topics I am working on at the moment:

_sound jams

[started as my master's XPUB research project] sound jams: methods of collective sound-based publication-making for practitioners from various backgrounds is my master's programme research. For my research, I am facilitating various sound jams that I have designed, in order to test the methods in reality and understand what are the important factors when creating a sound-making experience for people from different backgrounds. What brings them together in sound creation and sharing? What elements of the structure and the process are vital for them to find a comfortable and welcoming space for experimentation? What can they take from the sound jams for their artistic and research practice?

By a sound jam, I understand any facilitated process of sound-making and publishing that includes more than one person. Its core principle is inclusivity: it is open to people with or without musical training and offers a structure in which everyone is invited to find a suitable role and space for experimentation. The process grants the makers the opportunity to create a sound publication as a group. This paper explores different sound jams as applied methods that provide such processes and a safe space for makers with various practices to open up to a moment of collective sound-making and sharing.

Learn more about my research here:
currently working on ▶ sound jams: sounds at the exposure
currently working on ▶ sound jams: infomercials from the future
sound jams master's research

_xpub3 or now "Blob Shop Collective"

In collaboration with Grgr and [some of] the xpubies 2021-2023.

Grgr and I started exploring options for creating a follow-up project after we graduate. We are interested in exploring the opportunities for us to continue our collective work, look for funds and stay for a while in Rotterdam. Our research started with exploring the funds in Netherlands (and Europe).

With this project, the graduating master students from XPUB 2021-2023 started exploring ways to continue working collectively, expand the new skills and practices they embraced during their studies, and discover opportunities for artists (collectives) in the Netherlands (and Europe). During the second year of XPUB, Erica and Alex facilitated a few sessions to harvest ideas from the group and see who would like to be involved in the future - and how much. The research started with collecting information about funding opportunities (by creating a pad and wiki page to list them and attending Piet Zwart Institute series of lectures about fundings) and continued with sessions with the XPUB students. During those sessions, we started exploring who is interested to stay in Rotterdam, what are the personal and collective needs of each one of them, what skills and experience they are willing to share with the others, and what type of roles they feel comfortable undertaking in a collective process. The next steps include drafting a plan on the next sessions to take place in the Autumn and prepare the first application together.

xpub3: projects planning // working space for planning projects with "xpub3"
xpub3: freelance admin // basics of being a freelancer in the Netherlands
FYI Talent Program // october-november 2023 // Amsterdam

🖤 The project was awarded with the Master Research Award: Experimental Publishing, 2023, thanks to Michael and the assessment panel, including Winnie Soon. ▶▶ Announcement here.