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'youth' by anne imhof

1 Oct 2022 until 29 Jan 2023
Stedelijk, Amsterdam
title: YOUTH

"Anne Imhof is the artistic voice of a new generation. This autumn, Imhof is invited to take over the Stedelijk's 1,100-square-metre lower-level gallery. Combining art, architecture, light, and a sound composed especially for the occasion, she will transform the space into a labyrinthine total installation. This is Imhof’s first solo in the Netherlands.
Anne Imhof is recognized as the artistic voice of a new generation that embraces the philosophy of Nihilism: the conviction that life is actually without meaning or purpose. She finds inspiration in a wealth of cultural history, from Greek mythology to underground culture."

_the exhibition was designed as a labyrinth; at first you went through many lockers and can see two video installations ("Fate" and AI Winter");
_then you moved from there to a large area, filled in with industrial objects; there were also large speakers circulating around the space; and a wall of speakers that were activated when the visitor passed by;
_dystopian mood; sense of darkness and doom; red lights; loud sounds;
_the lockers were interesting - you could go around tens of them, but once in a while, there was one that was unlocked.


exhibition webpage